Thief in the Night

Lego Technic Trike

Full disclosure; this magnificently menacing model was not found by our Elven workforce. We stole it. From Bricknerd. We’re ashamed, and remorseful, but not enough to stop us from blogging it. The Elves are in trouble though.

It’s a shame they didn’t find this Technic trike too, as they would have absolutely loved it. It’s been built by Flickr’s ianying616, making his TLCB debut, and it’s a spectacular thing to behold. It’s also packing some quality Technic engineering, with working steering, suspension and engine.

A huge gallery of superb images is available to view on Flickr; you can check out all of the trike’s details via the link above.

Lego Technic Trike

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