Blue Steel

Lego Concept Supercar

This is not a real car. Well, obviously… but we mean it’s not a Lego model of a real car. Instead it’s a product borne entirely from the inside of Alexander Paschoaletto’s brainy parts, and we think it’s ridiculously good looking. A rival for Ferrari even. See if you agree at Alexander’s photostream by clicking here.

Lego Concept Supercar

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3 thoughts on “Blue Steel

  1. BOB says:

    Isn’t that just a remodelled version of the Ferrari creator set? the c pillars and the intakes behind the doors are the same


  2. Really is a sweet design, honoured he’d build it in my company’s name so to speak haha. Was a great collab!

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  3. Actually this was part of a collab between SirManPerson and Alex P.! Each builder made a model of the other’s brand of fictitious car. You should check out the other model! 🙂

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