Toyota’s new A90 Supra may be built from quite a lot of BMW, but it’s still one hell of a good car. And why shouldn’t it be? BMW sports cars tend to be rather good too. This beautiful blue recreation of the new straight-six sports car comes from TLCB Simon Przepiorka aka SP_LINEUP, and he’s made instructions available too. See more (and find the instructional link) at his photostream via the link above.

3 thoughts on “Zupra

  1. Blitzkrieg

    When I saw this TLCB thread, I was very excited at the first glance:
    Beautiful shots, very recognisable Supra. All seemed good in the surface.

    Then, looking closely at the pics, I realised that it was a digital model, which was retouched in some areas (eg headlights) to make it more true to the real thing.

    So, i thought it is a bit of ‘cheating’, as there is no way the front end of the car could be reproduced with real bricks.

    Then again, I thought maybe if I look at the instructions, I would see what the model woukd look like with no ‘make-up’
    Unfortunately, not possible, unless I pay $10…

    … and I won’t because I am not that curious and I also suspect that for its all intricate / complicated building techniques, this model will not be sturdy at all in real life and, quite likely, will not be possible to build (as it happens quite often with Digital MOC)

    So, just nice in theory, but no more in my opinion. A bit à of let down frankly…

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Blitz

      Thanks for your message.

      The builder of this model is a TLCB reader so they may see your comment and respond.

      We do share your caution with the ability for this design to be built, and it is why we very rarely publish digital creations (although we receive some negative feedback for taking this stance).

      Kind regards
      TLCB Team

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