MC Battle

Nope, not an ‘8 Mile’ style rap battle, but these; two stunning Maserati MC12s that appeared within hours of each other on Flickr. This caused a spectacularly violent Elf-fight (of course), as each was brought back to TLCB Towers and the two Elves immediately accused one another of copying the the other’s homework. In Elvish though, so we’re guessing somewhat.

No matter, because both are equally bloggable meaning both Elves get fed, and you guys get two brilliant MC12s in one post. The first (above) comes from Flickr’s Noah_L, who has captured the MC12’s remarkable shape brilliantly in its iconic white-over-blue colour scheme. The second (below) is the work of Jens M. (one half of Master MOCers ‘LegoExotics’) and utilises many of the parts found within the 10265 Ford Mustang set for a considerably more exotic purpose.

There’s more to see of each stunning Maserati MC12 model on Flickr – click the links above to visit the builders’ respective albums and pick your favourite!

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