The Car of Choice

Car choice seems to be shrinking of late. Despite manufacturers creating ever more models, they mostly seem to be crossovers of marginally different sizing but uniform monotony.

Engine choices are shrinking too, with many cars in TLCB’s home nation available with just one. Thankfully the Germans, although very much on the make-everything-a-crossover bandwagon, do still offer a bewildering array of engine options.

However even that’s a bit of a ruse, as they’re pretty much all the same engine, only you have to pay extra for the software to release more power (which the engine already has, locked behind a paywall). Urgh.

Fortunately Wigboldly (aka Thirdwigg) of Flickr is railing against the current miserable new car situation with this, his ‘Ionos Sports Sedan’ Technic Supercar.

A good old-fashioned executive saloon, Wigboldly’s creation can be had with three different engines, rear or all-wheel-drive, and a manual or sequential gearbox, just like real cars used to be.

Of course if it were real, Wigboldly’s Ionis would totally bomb in today’s new car market, as it’s not a boring one-engined crossover with power-behind-a-paywall, but we’d still choose it!

Luckily Wigboldly isn’t trying to make money out of his design, what with it being Lego, but that even extends to the building instructions, which he has created and published for free.

We rarely publish direct links to instructions here at The Lego Car Blog, but we will today.

Click here to jump to the Ionis’s free building instructions on Rebrickable, where there’s more drivetrain choice than many cars on sale today, and give Wigboldly a thumbs up on Flickr via the link in the text above.

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