Tediously Tracking

A 1990s Asian-American econobox is the definition of mundane motoring. There was the Toyota Corolla rebadged as the Geo Prizm (which was somehow even more boring), the miserable Daewoo Matiz rebadged as a Chevrolet, and this; the Suzuki Vitara rebadged as the Geo Tracker.

This Lego version comes from Flickr’s Thomas Gion, who has constructed it for the Festival of Mundanity competition, and earned some decent mundane points in the process.

However, he’s also lost a few by building his Tracker in yellow and putting a surfboard in the back. Thomas, Thomas… white with a brown box in the back would have been so much more mundane.

Despite this monotonous faux-pas it’s still a worthy entry and you can check out more of Thomas’ Tracker on at his photostream via the link, plus you can read the contest details and see the prizes on offer for the most boring builds by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Tediously Tracking

  1. Thomas Gion

    You know what? Fair point on the color commentary (so to speak), but I was channeling those ridiculous ads that featured images of these with surfboards in the back. And, you know, I just can’t bring myself to just build it in white. Feels too easy, like a shortcut to mundanity. Still, sorry for getting too excited about the subject matter!


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