Materially Different

The LEGO Technic 42144 Material Handler is, whilst a decent set, rather pricey. In fact its pence-per-piece ratio makes it twice as expensive as a comparable set from just five years ago. Fortunately LEGO bricks are infinitely re-usable, and thus those expensively-priced pieces of plastic can be re-deployed repeatedly, unlocking unlimited models for free.

Cue previous bloggee mktechnicreations, who has repurposed his 42144 Material Handler set into this excellent container loader alternate, with pneumatic boom elevation and container locking, rear-wheel-steering, and working support legs.

Building instructions are available and there’s more to see of mk’s B-Model at the Eurobricks forum. Double the use (and half the price) of your 42144 set via the link above!

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