Creations for Charity 2022

Creations for Charity 2022 is Here!

It’s been a weird few years. COVID, war, spiralling energy prices, and the brink of global recession. All of that lot means we’re probably going to see a rise in poverty in the coming months, with children often feeling its effects greatest. But you can help.

Creations for Charity has provided thousands of LEGO toys to children in need, funded via the sale of creations designed and built by members of the Lego Community. Thus you can purchase an incredible one-off Lego creation, and know that all of the proceeds are going straight to children to whom they will make the biggest difference. Which is awesome.

How to Help

You can join the Creations for Charity 2022 fundraiser in several ways; by donating a creation to the Creations for Charity store, by buying a creation, or by giving a monetary donation. All three methods will result in LEGO sets being provided to underprivileged children – it might be the only toy they get, so let’s make it the best toy there is!

You can take a look at the creations already donated to the Creations for Charity store by clicking the link below, with more models to be added over the coming weeks. You could even donate your own!

In the midst of so much global turmoil, do something amazing this year, and you could change a child’s life.

Check out the fantastic one-off models available at the Creations for Charity store

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