Full Tilt

Every supercar needs a party-piece. Wild doors, mad styling, the most power, the highest top speed, crystals in the headlights, the most power again

It’s got to be tough for supercar manufacturers to come up with a new headline every few years, but Zenvo recently found an untapped niche; weird moving rear wings.

Not air-brakes or adjustable downforce – no, we’ve seen those loads of times – but a rear wing fitted to the track-focussed TSR-S that can tilt with two degrees of freedom. Because, er… reasons.

It’s a unique addition to the spec sheet not matched by any other supercar makers, which is probably reason enough, and both it and the car it’s attached to have been recreated superbly by Pingubricks.

Nearly 1,500 pieces, 3D-printed wheels, opening doors, a removable engine cover, and – of course – a rear wing that can tilt via ‘cables’ make for a stunning brick-built supercar, and you can head full tilt to Eurobricks to find out more via the link above.

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