Elven Argument

We don’t speak elvish, but nevertheless we still understood the gist of the jabbering, pointing, and jumping up-and-down that occurred following one of Elves’ discovery of this car-transporting railway wagon.

Said creation is a DDm 915 Deutsche Bundesbahn Autoreisezug (apparently), and the aforementioned Elf was trying to convince us that it deserved eleven Smarties for finding it – one for each vehicle on board, and another for the wagon itself.

Despite being mildly impressed the Elf could count into double-digits it won’t be getting eleven Smarties, so whilst we have that argument you can check out more of the neat railway wagon that caused it courtesy of Thomas Reincke of Flickr via instructions by fellow Flickr-er BigDeady. Click the link to take a look.

2 thoughts on “Elven Argument

  1. Thomas Reincke

    Thank you for the introduction. The honor goes to the wrong one. The model is from BigDeady, who made the instructions. I just built it from real bricks, recolored it and changed a few minor details.
    By the way, the car’s instructable (in red) is now available for free on Open L-Gauge, a young website for free building instructions for railroad models.
    The cars are not all own creations either. The Beetle (here as 1303 GSR), for example, is very much inspired by the “Uli Meyer Beetle”.



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