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Life-Size Lego Lunacy

Life-size Lego Car

This, Lego car fans, is a real, working, 100% LEGO, fully drivable car.

Snappily titled the ‘superawesomemicroproject’ it’s the product of two men, Australian marketer Steve Sammartino and 20 year-old Romanian engineer Raul Oaida, who built the life-size Lego hot rod using over half a million Blacktron-coloured LEGO pieces.

Their creation is powered by 256 LEGO pistons mounted within four enormous orbital engines fed by compressed air, with only the wheels and loaded components featuring non-LEGO construction.

Funded via crowdsourcing, the superawesomemicroproject has reached speeds of 30km/h with a driver on board and will probably go faster than that, all while built purely from little blocks of Danish plastic.

To read more about this amazing vehicle check out the superawesomemicroproject at Steve and Raul’s website, and watch the incredible video below.

Thanks to Bricknerd who beat us to the punch.