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TLCB Team Expansion!

Lego Minifigures

Picture courtesy of Søren Schaffstein

With worldwide success comes many benefits. Groupies, foreign narcotics, exotic parties. None of these have found their way to TLCB Towers. But nevertheless things are getting busy here, and as such it’s time for us to expand the team!

A few months ago we became an international organisation, with the arrival of European playboy carmaster1990. We’re now delighted to announce a further addition to our staff writers, in the form of the rather mysterious Dr. Asp Menace.

Rumour has it he won his doctorate in a game of Asteriods, and that he’s been smiling continuously since 1978. But that’s probably enough clues. We hope you enjoy his writing as much as we do, and as always, if you have any feedback, suggestions or relevant insults, you can direct them towards us via the handy Feedback link at the top of the homepage.


Write for TLCB Update!

Lego Type Writer

New TLCB writers join us from this week! Picture courtesy of Arvo.

Set Reviewers and MOC Bloggers required!

Following our outreach for aspiring bloggers we will be adding to TLCB Team over the coming months. Thanks to those who have got in touch, and also to all of our readers who have suggested creations via the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page.

Please do keep your suggestions coming, and if you think you might be interested in writing for us, you can still drop us a comment via the aforementioned page and we’ll be in touch.

The first of our new writers has joined the Team and started blogging today! You can see the fruits of their work below.


Write for The Lego Car Blog / Get Featured!

Lego Pencil

Become a TLCB Team member!

We’re looking for new models to blog, and new writers to blog them!

If you’re part of the online LEGO community and would like to take your involvement a step further, you could become one of our staff writers!

We’re looking for English-speaking (although it doesn’t have to be your first language), eloquent and enthusiastic builders to join our team. If you think you might like to start your blogging career with us then drop us a note in the usual way; via the Comments or Feedback Submissions and Suggestions page, and we’ll be in touch! Ideally you’d need to be able to blog at least one creation a week, and we can offer support and draft checks if you’ve never blogged before.

And as always, we’re constantly on the look out for new creations to feature. If you’ve found a creation that our slovenly Elves have missed then contact us via the routes highlighted above. If it’s new(ish), high quality and original, we’ll feature it here on The Lego Car Blog.

A huge thank you to those who have suggested creations already. Many have appeared on this page, and if you haven’t been successful yet, keep building – it could be your turn next!

The Lego Car Blog Team