Lego Technic 9398 Rock Crawler Preview

Lego Technic 9398

Lego Technic 9398

The Lego Car Blog Elves have been spying, and can shed some further light on Lego’s largest known Technic release of 2012; 9398 Rock Crawler.

Since the release of Power Functions a few years ago, Lego fans have been making use of the IR parts to add remote control functions to their creations. We’ve featured many such models here in the blog, and it seems Lego would like a slice of this pie too, taking inspiration from both the Truck Trial scene and RC vehicles posted online.

9398 is the first remote control wheeled vehicle from Technic, using Power Functions for 4×4 drive and 4-wheel steering. It also features the portal axels debuted on the 2011 Technic Unimog, pendular suspension and host of new pieces previously unseen.

With a release date of Q3 2012 we have a while to wait before we can get our hands on it, but from what we’ve seen so far, this could be the new Technic flagship.

YouTube Video:

14 thoughts on “Lego Technic 9398 Rock Crawler Preview

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  2. Franz Heim

    I’m interested, how they realize the steering. Will we get servos? That would be too nice to be true…

  3. han-solo-ninja13

    Wow! I may get this if i get enough mony from lawn mowing, now I’m busting out $100 for the new sopwith camel but how much do you think this will cost????

  4. ClickM3

    I sure hope they have rethink on the color scheme, looks too much of a color riot. Otherwise look great and must have!

  5. LegoFan!

    i have the 8110 unimog and a few weeks ago i broke it down to the basic chassis, then turned it into a 4×4 off roader by adding a 2nd Power Funtion motor. i used the instructions to build a copy of the front axle so it had 4 wheel steering, then drove it over obstacles in the house and outside over uneven ground and rocks. thanks to its unique pendular suspension it could climb over almost anything in its path, today i see Lego have made a vehicle in the same manner, and i cant wait to get it one day. looks like it works the same way as the experiment i made with the Unimog!


    I need help…I have built it and the front wheels go different directions….Grrrr 🙁 Anything someone can oint out to me short of taking the entire thing apart and starting over?

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Our guess would be that one of the differentials is the wrong way round, reversing the drive to one pair of wheels. Start by taking a diff. out, turn it round 180 degrees, and put it back in. Good luck!


        I am clueless…LOL I am going to take it it apart…hopefully not all of it but have to get it to work for my son!!! Thanks

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