Featured TFOL: Jon Treasure

Caterpillar Crane

Caterpillar PL-87; the world’s biggest claw machine. You should see the size of the stuffed animal.

This month’s Featured TFOL hails from MOCpages, where the Elves spotted him via his rather excellent construction equipment.

Jon Treasure started out not too far from ‘minifig-on-a-plate’ type builds (ergh – we know), then rapidly moved through medium scale military and vehicular builds. He’s now reaching the heights of super-complex large scale Technic creations that any AFOL would be proud to create, like the awesome Caterpillar PL-87 pictured above. Check out his MOCpage at the aforementioned link, it’s well worth a look.

2 thoughts on “Featured TFOL: Jon Treasure

  1. Jon Treasure

    Hi there! I really just want to thank you guys for posting this in your blog! I will probly put a link to this website on my homepage to get some of my other friends subscribed! Thanks again!


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