Teeny Tiny Train

Lego Train

Insert micro-figs for twice the awesome

The Lego Car Blog Elves are no stranger to small things. Firstly, we’re pretty sure their brains are about the size of a squash ball, and secondly, we can fit a lot of them into one packing box if we have to. But enough about our slovenly workforce, the MOC: It’s possibly the smallest thing we’ve ever featured, and yet we’re enthralled by the detail contained within it. Henning Birkeland is the owner. See more on MOCpages.

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One thought on “Teeny Tiny Train

  1. […] Car Blog we like to add flavour to our diet of automotive builds with the occasional aeroplane, train, ship or spacecraft. Our Elvish workers hate variety. They much prefer a predictable diet of Lego, […]


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