Metaphor MOC

Lego Mercedes Truck

Ooh, self depreciating humor!

Where are all the cars you ask? Well, the Elves were locked away you see, and all we’ve managed to find over the holidays are truc… oh, you mean in the picture…

Ralph Savelsberg aka Mad Physicist on Flickr raises a question over the validity of our blog title with his suspiciously empty but rather brilliant Mercedes Actros car transporter. See the full gallery at Ralph’s Flickr photstream.

Lego cars

That’s better, cars everywhere! Points for those who can identify all eight.

2 thoughts on “Metaphor MOC

  1. Josh

    I spy……
    a Mercedes W123, a VW Beetle, a Citroen 2CV Charleston, a Cadillac Fleetwood, a Citroen DS, a Jaguar Mk2, a Buick Riviera Boat Tail, and a Porsche 911.


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