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Scammell Crusader

92 years of truck making ended with the Crusader in 1988, when DAF purchased Scammell and closed it down

The captive Lego Car Blog Elves have all been re-released following their Christmas in containment (we hope our Reviews during the holidays kept you entertained – as always, you can give your feedback via the link at the top of the page), and today we were ‘treated’ to the first Elf return of 2013.

One of the keener (or luckier) Elves headed to Brickshelf following its release, where it uncovered this; a brutish Scammell Crusader wrecker. Scammell were masters of seriously heavy-duty trucks for decades, being favoured by heavy-haulage firms and the military. Then, like most British vehicle manufactures it seems, they were swallowed up by the British Leyland behemoth, and then sold off when it all turned sour, never to be seen again. This awesome brick version is the work of Makorol, and is fully Power Functions controlled, containing six motors and working lights. You can view the full gallery on Brickshelf.

YouTube Video:

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