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Febrovery Mash Ups

The fun festival of all things Lego, sci-fi and car-like that is Febrovery has started over on Flickr. These mash-ups of parts and stickers from LEGO’s Disney “Cars” license and old space themes from Frost really caught our eye. The pair of bonnets (hoods for American readers), wrapped around the rocket on the M:Tron design, are particularly good bit of NPU.

The group is already filling up with a wide variety of eccentric and sometimes useful looking vehicles from a wide variety of builders, many of whom are TLCB regulars. Click this link to the group to find out what’s going on.


Lego Volkswagen Autostadt

Here at The Lego Car Blog the creations we blog are unearthed by our unpaid and unusual workforce of smelly little Elves, bred especially to find the best Lego vehicles on the net. They’re fed based upon the success of their search and – sometimes – they’re also awarded an appropriately coloured Smartie upon each successfully blogged find.

This incredible creation by Digital Dreams therefore gave us quite a headache, because just look at how many cars there are! Luckily for us they’re all digital, and thus if we were feeling really mean the intrepid Elf in question would have only received a digital tube of Smarties. However, so good is this creation that we gave the Elf a choice of Smartie, and ensured the canteen actually fulfilled the recommended Elf allowance of vitamins and iron.

So, one happy and – at least briefly – healthy Elf later we have quite a design to show you. This astonishing creation is a 192 car Autostadt tower, inspired by the two real-world versions that Volkswagen have installed at their Wolfsburg manufacturing plant. There are 26,000 virtual Lego pieces in Digital Dreams’ MLCad version that took a colossal 70 hours to digitally render. There’s a huge gallery of images available and you can see all the renderings of of Digital Dreams’ spectacular Autostadt tower on either Flickr or MOCpages.

Lego Cars

Small But Mighty

Small But Mighty

We thought this was a medium-size MOC at first, but believe it or not this highly detailed Ferrari 250 GT by Angka Utama is 4-wide.

With the creative use of LEGO’s Disney Cars 2 parts Angka captures the look very well; we think this is the most detailed 4-wide we’ve seen for a while. Check it out on MOCpages.

Build-it Book!

Amazing Lego Vehicles Book

Available to order now!

Nathanael Kuipers is a talented sort of chap. Not only does he build amazing models, he also helps others to do the same. His latest work is not a model at all, but a book of instructions for 10 vehicular wonders that can me made from the same palette of pieces. Volumes 1 and 2 of The Lego Build-it Book are available to pre-order now from no starch press.

Metaphor MOC

Lego Mercedes Truck

Ooh, self depreciating humor!

Where are all the cars you ask? Well, the Elves were locked away you see, and all we’ve managed to find over the holidays are truc… oh, you mean in the picture…

Ralph Savelsberg aka Mad Physicist on Flickr raises a question over the validity of our blog title with his suspiciously empty but rather brilliant Mercedes Actros car transporter. See the full gallery at Ralph’s Flickr photstream.

Lego cars

That’s better, cars everywhere! Points for those who can identify all eight.

Star in The Lego Motion Picture!!

Yes, you really could star in the new Lego Film! Well, not you exactly, but your creation, which is just as good. The film-makers are looking for awesome Lego vehicles to use in their upcoming motion picture, and they’re asking for your submissions! To find out more watch the short clip above and visit the competition website. Good luck!