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Febrovery Mash Ups

The fun festival of all things Lego, sci-fi and car-like that is Febrovery has started over on Flickr. These mash-ups of parts and stickers from LEGO’s Disney “Cars” license and old space themes from Frost really caught our eye. The pair of bonnets (hoods for American readers), wrapped around the rocket on the M:Tron design, are particularly good bit of NPU.

The group is already filling up with a wide variety of eccentric and sometimes useful looking vehicles from a wide variety of builders, many of whom are TLCB regulars. Click this link to the group to find out what’s going on.

Duplo in Space

Lego Duplo Rover

This year’s Febrovery is almost at an end, with rovers of all shapes, sizes and designs hitting the interweb over the last four weeks. Flickr’s Brian Grissom is sure to take home the ‘Nice Parts Usage’ Award (which we’ve just made up) with his effort, which has taken Duplo-building to another planet. There’s more to see of his ingenious Duplo Classic Space Police thingumy on Flickr – click here to see more.

Space Police Return!*

Lego Space Police 2013

Space Police – Ready for anything

Space Police are back! Well, in Crimso Giger‘s head anyway. 20 years after they first appeared Crimso has reworked the theme and come up with this… sort of a like a cross between a roller skate, a crop duster and an RV. We’re a bit stumped as to what its purpose is but we’re willing to overlook that due to its retro cool. See more on Flickr.

*Not really