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Insert Yogi Bear for twice the awesome

Time to jump in The Lego Car Blog Time Machine and go all the way back to 1978, long before this writer was even born. Hold on tight…

One of the most peculiar but brilliant cartoons to come out of the famous Hannah-Barbera studios was the insane ‘Yogi’s Space Race’. Hannah-Barbera were on a bit of a roll in the ’70s, with stupendous shows like Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, Top Cat and Hong Kong Phooey all beaming onto televisions around the world. All this success must’ve led to a massive narcotics and alcohol-fueled binge, because the studio promptly went mental and sent one of their best loved picnic-pinching bears into space for an intergalactic version of Wacky Races. Only 13 episodes were made before Yogi returned to Yellowstone Park to see out his days stealing cake and dodging Ranger Smith, but all were TV gold.

The splendidly named onosendai2600 recaptures this retro-madness with his glorious Galactic Asteroid Rally Circuit (GARC) racers. All are made in a distinctly old-school style, whilst also being wildly futuristic. You can see the full gallery of all four Asteroid Racers on Flickr.

Lego Space Racer

Galactic Asteroid Rally Racing. Obviously.


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