One Man Went To Mow…

Lego TractorThe unsung hero of neat lawns everywhere, the butterfly mower keeps golf courses, playing fields and country house grounds well groomed. Seen here attached to a thumping great red tractor, this one is the work of 896gerard_ on MOCpages. Groundsmen of the world salute you Gerard!


2 thoughts on “One Man Went To Mow…

  1. Kaz and Rich

    Hi please if possible could you email me the instructions for the tractor and butterfly mower. I work with an autistic man whose absolute best thing in the world is lego….tractors and haymaking machnery. I am his support worker and have spent hours upon hours creating him a little workshop and I do between 5-6 hours of lego with him each shift I come. Please let us know how we could get to do this model . Thank you…

    1. thelegocarblogger Post author

      Hello Kaz & Rich

      Thanks for your message.

      In most cases we would be able to advise you to click on the link in the text to contact the builder, however unfortunately in this case the site that hosted this creation has been deleted – sorry : (

      However if you use the ‘Search’ function (the second one halfway down the sidebar searches the site Archives) for ‘tractor’ you’ll be able to see all the tractor models featured here over the years. Each post includes a link to the builder which, if working, you can use to enquire about instructions : )

      Best of luck

      TLCB Team


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