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One Man Went to Mow

Keko007‘s lawn mower is bigger than yours. Fitted to the back of an excellent New Holland T7.230 tractor, Keko’s mower can fold out via some handy knobs, and it can really mow, thanks to a mostly-concealed Power Functions system. Head to the meadow via the link above and start mowing.

Ein Mann Ging Mähen…

Thanks to Google for what is no doubt a seamless translation of the well known nursery rhyme…

Whatever that title actually says, we do have a mower to share with you today, which will indeed allow one man to mow his meadow. It’s been affixed to a vintage German Eicher EKL 15 tractor as built (rather beautifully) by Flickr’s Damian Z aka Thietmaier.

Damian’s Eicher tractor is packed with lovely building techniques, including a fantastic set of mudguards, front drawbar steering, a wonderfully detailed engine and a side-mounted mower attachment constructed from many mini-figure hands.

There’s more to see of Damian’s brilliant build at his Eicher EKL 15 Flickr album; head to the meadow via the link in the text above.

One Man Went to Mow

Lego Technic Reform Metrac Mower

This brilliant-looking buggy is in fact a Reform Metrac lawn mower, and it’s one of the most well-engineered Technic creations of the year.

Built by Anto of Eurobricks, the little Reform is packed with Technic functions, including all-wheel-steering (with front-only and crab options too), all-wheel-drive, twin lifting power take-offs for the mower attachments, pendular suspension, and a working four-cylinder engine.

You can see all of the details at the Eurobricks forum here, plus you can see the mower in action via the video below.

YouTube Video:

One Man Went to Mow…


The Elves who survived yesterday’s smushings had settled down to their quiet life of pointless bickering, interspersed with the occasional punch up. Then a triumphant Elf returned from BrickShelf, driving this lawnmower. Damianple’s creation has a battery box and XL motor hidden in its grass box, plus working steering and whirling blades. Only a swift intervention from Mr. Airhorn left us with any research staff at all. Readers often suggest models to us but please don’t recommend more mowers: we’ll run out of workers too quickly!

One Man Went To Mow…

Lego TractorThe unsung hero of neat lawns everywhere, the butterfly mower keeps golf courses, playing fields and country house grounds well groomed. Seen here attached to a thumping great red tractor, this one is the work of 896gerard_ on MOCpages. Groundsmen of the world salute you Gerard!