One Man Went to Mow…


The Elves who survived yesterday’s smushings had settled down to their quiet life of pointless bickering, interspersed with the occasional punch up. Then a triumphant Elf returned from BrickShelf, driving this lawnmower. Damianple’s creation has a battery box and XL motor hidden in its grass box, plus working steering and whirling blades. Only a swift intervention from Mr. Airhorn left us with any research staff at all. Readers often suggest models to us but please don’t recommend more mowers: we’ll run out of workers too quickly!

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3 thoughts on “One Man Went to Mow…

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  2. […] cars for us to share. Each has been awarded a meal token and a red Smartie, and there have been no smushings or fights. Success all […]


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