Stolen Property

Lego Vintage TruckThis lovely vintage truck was found on, er… The Brothers Brick. But it’s about time we got our own back and nicked something of theirs. Built by the previously unknown-to-us Carl Merriam, you can see more on Flickr.

*TBB lawyers have politely asked that we confirm that no TBB posts have originated from TLCB. Now please return our kidnapped Elves!

9 thoughts on “Stolen Property

  1. Ralph

    I lie your blog, but I don’t think you writing that the Brothers Brick ‘nick’ things from your blog is fair or justified. You use the same sources many of us do (such as the Lego group and LUGNuts on flickr) and as such it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there is considerable overlap. I blogged the Liebherr crane and the Opel Blitz before you did and I am not accusing you of ‘stealing’ those, am I?

    I was aware of your blog before becoming a contributor on TBB (in part because you regularly blog my models), but I’m not sure the others are even aware of its existence.


    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Ralph

      Thanks for stopping by. We’re always pleased to blog your work, and read your contributions on The Brothers Brick.

      We jest; we’re well aware of the fact we all visit the same sources and there will be overlap. In fact, we’ve publicised TBB here at TLCB (use the search function at the bottom of the page to read our TBB related posts). We’re also aware that TBB authors have probably never heard of us! Still, one day… one day…

      TLCB Team

      1. Andrew Becraft

        It’s not a very funny “jest” to accuse another blogger of failing to provide proper attribution — one of the foundations of web writing (and writing in general). Ralph is correct — most of us over on TBB had never heard of your blog until Ralph sent us a link to this post pointing out your accusation (in which there is no indication that you’re just joking around).

        Improper attribution is actually a fairly serious accusation for bloggers, writers, journalists, and others like us who create content. It’s an accusation that strikes at the heart of the other blogger’s ethics, so it’s something to be taken seriously, and not a joking matter. And since it’s a completely false accusation, what you’ve said actually borders on libelous. Yes, I’m serious.

        I’d suggest you edit your post to remove your little joke. You might also want to check out the LEGO blogging “code of conduct” we published more than five years ago: Good LEGO Blog, Bad LEGO Blog. Rest assured we follow the guidelines we wrote for the rest of the community.

        1. thelegocarblogger

          Hello Andrew. Thanks for stopping by.

          We think (or we did…) that we’re pretty clear that we borrowed this post from TBB, a site we have described here as ‘The greatest LEGO Blog of them all.

          We’re training our Elves in defense law in anticipation though.

          But seriously, we did not mean to offend, or expect TBB to be rattled by a two-cent operation that ‘most of you had never heard of’. Consider an asterisk note added to the post in question.

          However, the world has moved on considerably since your kindly shared guidelines were written- you will in fact find a ‘reblog’ icon next to all our posts so that anyone can share them, with or without credit.

          TLCB Team

          1. Andrew Becraft

            We release all our original content under Creative Commons, and encourage the syndicated reuse of our posts through things like the RSS feed. But just because we don’t necessarily expect attribution back to our own posts (though that is indeed the polite thing to do), we certainly do so ourselves, which is why I don’t take kindly to accusations that we’ve ever done otherwise. Yes, certain aspects of technology may have moved on since 2008 ( LOL!), but there are fundamentals of “good behavior” within the community and between fellow bloggers that remain unchanged.

            Mutual respect lies at the heart of the guidelines I wrote back then, and I’m feeling none of that from the content of your post — either in its original form or with the new asterisk. You’ve added a second joke on top of your first as though that solves the problem (and no, neither Ralph nor I are “TBB lawyers” — Ralph is a physicist and I’m a writer), so clearly, you don’t share my perspective on how serious an accusation like this is between bloggers.

            I certainly can’t and won’t speak for Ralph, but your responses don’t encourage me to subscribe to your blog now.

  2. thelegocarblogger

    Hello Andrew

    We know you aren’t lawyers – almost everything on this blog is a little tongue-in-cheek (our workforce is made up of Elves for a start) and our readers are very much aware of this.

    You’re right, we don’t take the above seriously, because we don’t take anything seriously here, and long may we continue to do so. We blog because it’s fun, and we hope our readers are here for the same reason.

    Much as we feel we’ve now prodded a sleeping giant, what is the internet if not a chance to poke fun at one another? We wouldn’t expect our tiny contribution to the online LEGO community to carry any weight when compared to that which TBB has made over the years anyway.

    If you’d like to find out more about what we’ve written about TBB in the past, please use the Search function at the bottom of the homepage (the top on mobile devices). If not, thank you for your eloquently communicated concerns, and we’ll continue to regularly peruse The Brothers Brick, regardless of your inclination to do the same here.

    Smile. It’s only LEGO : )

    TLCB Team


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