Lego FSO Polozez

This fabulous model of a horrible car is the work of TLCB favourite Karwik on Flickr, who has, for reasons unknown to man and beast, chosen to recreate the abysmal FSO Polonez Hatchback, Coupe and Pick-Up in Lego.

Based on the bits Fiat left behind when they couldn’t be bothered to pack properly during their exit from Eastern Europe in the early ’80s, the FSO Polonez became a success in Poland almost purely because import taxes protected it from competition. This privileged position ended when Poland joined the EU and since then the FSO hatchback has been rapidly replaced by more advanced Western machinery.

Lego FSO Polonez

The FSO Pick-Up however, has shown a bit more staying power, due to such merits as its large carrying capacity and being easy to fix. Probably not quite as easy to fix as Karwik‘s version though, of which you can see more on Flickr.

Lego FSO Pick-up

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