Bright Lights

Lego Tiny Turbo Hill Climb

We don’t often post ‘Tiny Turbo’s here at TLCB. Mostly this is because they tend to be rubbish, so it’s a brave Elf that returns to the TLCB Towers with a ‘TT’ creation, as more often than not they are rewarded with a slap and a trip out the window courtesy of the office sling-shot.

Not today though, because the brave Elf that brought us this was right on-the-money. This, kids, is how a Tiny Turbo should look. Built by Flickr’s delta triangle, it’s a hill climb special complete with some simple yet wonderfully effective ‘aero’ and a host of night-time spotlights. Plus it’s rockin’ what might be LEGO’s best colour. Check out the images on Flickr at the link above, whilst we give a brave Elf a blue Smartie.

3 thoughts on “Bright Lights

  1. delta.triangle

    I built this about a year ago but have only just got around to doing proper pictures. Actually I was just waiting to replace the lamps with the newish Flat Tile 1X1, Round. That was the clincher. I too am a big fan of this colour and this was my favorite shot of the many I took !

    Totally stoked that you like it ( :


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