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Lego Ferrari 312

The Elves are a bit grumpy this morning, as this post wasn’t found by them, but by one of our readers. Still, they should’ve been quicker. Alexander Paschoaletto is a previous ‘Featured TFOL’ here at TLCB, and he joins us as a Guest Blogger to explain his find:

If you’re looking for amazing recreations of remarkable Le Mans cars, then Greg 998 must be in your favorite builders list. From iconic Porsches to historic Ferraris, Greg knows how to ally functions to design.

His latest model, the great Ferrari 312 P(b) in 1:8 scale, features both steering and suspension. Not only this, he also made it according to the original colours and stickers! Having built the ’71 model myself and knowing how difficult is it to keep the proportions, I can only hope to be as skilled as him in the future. Keep building, Greg!

You can check out Alexander’s recommendation on MOCpages here.

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