FJ Cruiser

Lego Toyota FJ Cruiser

This is, without doubt, the coolest thing that Toyota makes. And yes, we know about the Lexus LFA. The Toyota FJ Cruiser appeared as a concept car back in 2003 to show what a modern take on the old FJ-series Land Cruiser could be. The positive reaction that followed resulted in the car reaching production in 2005, and now 9 years later that production run is about to end, with the final cars rolling out of the Hamura factory later this year.

This near-perfect replica of the FJ Cruiser was designed and built by Peteris Sprogis, known here at TLCB for his delightfully strange concept vehicles. Peteris’ has now stepped into the world of realistic replicas, and his work is so good it looks as if LEGO themselves created it for Legoland theme park. You can see all the photos of this superb build by visiting Peteris’ photostream here.

Lego Toyota FJ Cruiser

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