Hot Wax

Lego Graham Hollywood

This extraordinary car is, apparently, a 1941 Graham-Paige. Some research by the TLCB office has deduced Graham-Paige were founded in 1927 by three brothers, and were one of the few ‘new’ car manufactures to survive after the Second World War, albeit only for a few short years. This particular model was called the ‘Hollywood’ (hence the title), and was based on the leftover bits from Cord, Hupmobile and other now long-defunct manufacturers.

Graham-Paige vehicle production ceased soon after the Hollywood’s launch and the Graham brothers transferred their attention to property – buying Madison Square Garden amongst other assets – whilst their cars slipped into obscurity, becoming just a footnote in American automotive history. Flickr’s Tim Inman however, hasn’t forgotten them, and has recreated their early ’40s Hollywood in wonderful detail. See all the photos of the 1941 Hollywood at his photostream by clicking here.

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