Smooth Operator

Tridder Rotary Supreme

MOCpages based builder Turbo Charger has a big portfolio of virtual supercars, including some fantasy six-wheelers but he has switched to real bricks for his “Rotary Supreme”. It’s a well known fact that The Lego Car Blog Elves don’t like virtual creations, preferring something that they can really get their teeth into. We’re a bit worried that they might be addicted to the taste of LEGO, especially those chewy Technic flexible axles.

Although the Tridder “Rotary Supreme” is mainly of conventional construction, the careful use of curved bricks has created a car that to quote Blaine R., “Looks like it’s going 200 miles an hour sitting still.” and has a super car meets spaceship quality to it. The pictures are also a good example of photographing black LEGO, which is always a difficult task. To see more, including how the cockpit opens, click this link to MOCpages.

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