Bin Lorry

Lego Bin Lorry

LEGO would probably call this a Refuse Collection Truck or something, but round our way these are bin lorries and that’s what this shall henceforth be called! Anyway, it might just be a bin lorry, but what a magnificent one it is. Zbiczasty has recreated the Volvo FM cab and Anaconda compactor so brilliantly we had to click on the thumbnail image of the real truck in his recently modified Brickshelf gallery to check it wasn’t Lego too. See what we mean by clicking the link above.

P.S. Recycle!

Lego Refuse Truck

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6 thoughts on “Bin Lorry

  1. billyburg says:

    This is awesome. Great work. It made me look at Brickshelf for the first time in years!

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  2. thirdwigg says:

    A great build. Thanks for posting.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mike says:

    One beautiful Volvo model made of legos. But it looks definitely looks like Volvo FM model, not FH.

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  4. Devon says:

    Please can you email me at


  5. BiBi says:

    is breathtaking. Wildcat, hats off!


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