Twice as Nice

Lego Motorcycle and Sidecar

This beautiful Technic motorcycle with sidecar comes from TLCB debutant hirnlego, and it looks a fine way to reuse two of LEGO’s 42036 Sports Motorbike sets. You can see more of this creation via the first link, and you can read our review of the official Technic set on which it’s based via the second.

6 thoughts on “Twice as Nice

  1. Rainer Gellern aka Hirnlego

    Thank you for mentioning my Sidecar on your Blog.
    In Fact it was your review of this sets B-model, that made me buy one. And a few days later another one just to complete it as a classic sidecar. I was inspired by my best friends russian “Ural”-motorcycle.
    By the way: my name is Rainer Gellern. I am a fourtysix year old father of two sons from northern germany. And Lego is and always has been a major part of my biography. A fact my wife finds very difficult to cope with. But on the other hand there are lot of more expensive and more dangerous activities to develope interests in. I could imagine Pub crawling, Downhill Mountainbiking, Drug abuse…

    Rainer (pronounce it like Ryan Air)

    By the way: the Link beneath the Picture doesn´t work 😉

    1. Ng Yee Tat

      We love your Motorcycle with Sidecar alternate creation.

      We would love to know how you built your sidecar. Could you please try to put up your building instructions for it?

    2. Giacomo

      Hello Rainer,
      Nice, very nice creation!! Is it possible to have the instructions to build it?!

  2. Dr Asp Menace

    I keep looking at this brilliant build and hearing the Wallace and Gromit theme music. If only it had a ladder attached to the sidecar!


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