Little Old Lady

Lego Nissan Silvia

We close a period of much blogging with another build from a TLCB regular. Flickr’s Senator Chinchilla takes us back to a time when Japanese cars were cool, but also – in Nissan’s case at least – named after elderly British people – the S15 Silvia joining Nissan’s line-up alongside the Cedric, the Gloria and the Maureen*. You can see more of the Senator’s S15 by clicking here, whilst we slow things down a bit here in TLCB Towers.

*We might have made that last one up.

5 thoughts on “Little Old Lady

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Paul

      Like everything we post this model is not an official LEGO set and therefore it is not available in stores.

      However, you can contact the builder directly with your request by clicking the link in the blog text.

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team

      1. Paul


        My son is owner of a nissan silvia like your design, also a lego lover when he was young
        and for his birthday in februari i am looking for a Original present

        Is it possible to give me building instructions for that design ?
        I will pay for it if you want
        its a great design



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