Les Aventures de Tintin

Lego Tintin Rocket

Belgium isn’t famed for having contributed much to humanity. Admittedly they did come up with the internal combustion engine – without which this blog wouldn’t have a lot of content – but after Stella Artois and The Smurfs we got stuck. Until we saw this.

It comes from TLCB newcomer gonkius, and he has recreated the impossibly curvy spaceship of Belgium’s favourite comic book character Tintin wonderfully. And hugely!

There’s more to see of this beautiful retro rocket on Flickr – click the above link to take the trip!

1 thought on “Les Aventures de Tintin

  1. iain Mackay Dall

    What a fantastic lego solution too a much loved Icon, I would love to try to recreate the model myself, but gonkius is hard to contact, plus his http://www.swebrick.se pages have some great photo clues for the build, but I would love to fill in some gaps from where I live in Sydney.


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