McLaren Concept Competition – Finish Line

Lego McLaren Concept

LEGO ReBrick and McLaren Automotive’s ‘Future McLaren’ competition closes today, and it’s resulted in some epic concept vehicles created by Lego builders from all around the world. Before the judging commences there’s time for us to feature a final two competition entries, from Marin Stipkovic (above) and Luke-M (below).

Marin’s aggressive-looking creation is fairly conventional compared to some of the concept vehicles entered – it could almost be in production already, whilst Luke-M (aka LEGO Bro) has constructed one of the most futuristic and wildly styled entries we’ve seen. You can see more of both on Flickr via the links in the text above.

Lego McLaren Design Study

Best of luck to Marin, Luke and everyone else who has entered over the past few weeks. If you’d like to see the other entries that have featured here at TLCB you can do so by typing ‘McLaren’ into the search box at the foot of the page.

Lego Speed Champions Win!

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