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McLaren Concept Competition – Finish Line

Lego McLaren Concept

LEGO ReBrick and McLaren Automotive’s ‘Future McLaren’ competition closes today, and it’s resulted in some epic concept vehicles created by Lego builders from all around the world. Before the judging commences there’s time for us to feature a final two competition entries, from Marin Stipkovic (above) and Luke-M (below).

Marin’s aggressive-looking creation is fairly conventional compared to some of the concept vehicles entered – it could almost be in production already, whilst Luke-M (aka LEGO Bro) has constructed one of the most futuristic and wildly styled entries we’ve seen. You can see more of both on Flickr via the links in the text above.

Lego McLaren Design Study

Best of luck to Marin, Luke and everyone else who has entered over the past few weeks. If you’d like to see the other entries that have featured here at TLCB you can do so by typing ‘McLaren’ into the search box at the foot of the page.

Lego Speed Champions Win!

McLaren Concept Competition – Final Day!

Lego McLaren Concept Car

McLaren Automotive and LEGO ReBrick’s superb ‘Future McLaren’ competition ends tomorrow, and there have been some excellent submissions so far. Our penultimate day of coverage features entries from two previous TLCB bloggees, the brilliantly talented Peteris Sprogis and Malte Dorowski.

Peteris’ creation seems to have mixed McLaren with Tron (McLaTron?), and very cool it looks too. You can check out all of the images of his McLaren concept at his photostream on Flickr.

Lego McLaren Concept Supercar

Malte Dorowski‘s entry uses his ingenious building style to great effect, endowing his McLaren with some very un-Lego like curves. There’s more to see of his entry on Flickr at the link above.

There have been lots more submissions over the past few days – we can’t feature them all here but best of luck to all the builders taking part. And if the winner would like to stop by TLCB Towers on their way to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, drop us a message!

You can find out more about the McLaren competition, see the entries, and – if you’re McLaren F1 quick – submit your own McLaren concept car today by visiting LEGO’s ReBrick site. We’ll be back with an update on the final day of the competition tomorrow!

Lego Speed Champions Win!

Happy New Year! 2012 Year in Review

2013 is nearly upon us, and as we’re all still here we assume that we’ve got at least another 5,125 years of LEGO blogging in us. So before we look ahead to 2013, let’s look back on the year that was 2012.

Lego 2013 New Year

Happy New Year!


The LEGO Group turned 80 years old, and 2012 was another strong year for the corporation’s production of vehicles, with the continued success of the Modular Town theme bringing some stunning buildings and vehicles to go with them.

Technic too, continues to flourish, even before the arrival of the 2013 sets which we previewed earlier in the year, with Power Functions dominating, but also Pneumatics and Remote Control making welcome returns.

Finally, The LEGO Group also woke up to the power of social media, launching their blog collaboration tool, ReBrick, and gave The Lego Car Blog a hugely appreciated shot of legitimacy.

So what about us? Well we had a great 2012 too…

The Lego Car Blog continues to grow, with visits climbing towards a projected half million a year mark. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or discovered us for the first time today, thank you for your readership, we’d be nothing without you.

Visits have come from almost every country on earth, with the U.S, U.K, Netherlands and Germany leading the pack. However, it’s also worth noting those countries where one person has found us; Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Benin, Micronesia, San Marino, Fiji, Iran, Suriname, French Guiana, New Caledonia, Tanzania, Liechtenstein and Dominica. If you are the sole reader in each of the countries listed, a massive thank you to you too; you are unique in your nation!

Our top posts have all been LEGO news related, with Previews of upcoming Technic sets taking the top spots, and Reviews of existing sets just behind them, but it’s your LEGO creations which earn the most comments. If we’ve featured your work on TLCB during 2012, congratulations and thank you!

Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

Set Reviews like the 4×4 Crawler drew huge visitor numbers

Coming up in 2013…

The Elves are out foraging for the coolest creations, LEGO news and set sneak peeks as you read this; 2013 is going to be a bumper year for posts!

And… we can bring you some very early news of upcoming sets for 2013! But not just yet.

Oh all right then, just a little;

  • LEGO will be bringing back the Wild West theme, complete with steam trains, horse drawn carriages and gun-toting baddies
  • Legends of Chima will see some truly nuts vehicles launched, none of which really interest us at TLCB, but the parts they yield might…
  • LEGO Technic will launch two new flagships in August 2013. Our Preview of the new sets for 2013 revealed a few gaps in the numbering system. These will be filled in August with the release of four new Technic sets in addition to those you’ve already seen. We’ve seen the prototypes and will bring you Previews soon. Trust us, it’ll be worth the wait!

Happy New Year from all at The Lego Car Blog!

LEGO goes Social Media with ReBrick Beta!

Every so often we chuck one of The Lego Car Blog Elves over The LEGO Group’s perimeter wall in an effort to bring you inside stories. We’ve lost a few Elves to the guard dogs this way, but as they’re pretty cheap we think it’s worth it.

Anyhow, this week one of the Elves made it back out with some official LEGO Group news and only minor bite marks. Props to him. And the news is pretty exciting…


The LEGO Group are in a position that most other businesses would kill for; they are prolific in social media. Unofficial Lego-sharing websites and blogs have been running since before even YouTube, and contribute very much to the success of the company. It’s also fair to say LEGO, like all other large corporations, have been glacially slow in responding to the new way in which consumers communicate. Worse than that even, they’ve often tried to shut down social media outlets that refer to the brand name or imagery. Fine in 2002, not in 2012.

But the above stance is changing, and changing fast. The LEGO Group have not only finally recognised the role social media sites play in the success of their brand, they are actively endorsing them (The Lego Car Blog included!). As such they have created their own official social media site called ‘ReBrick‘, which links to the unofficial sites that many of you visit every week.

This is a landmark moment for LEGO, and social media more generally. ReBrick is only in ‘Beta’ mode currently, but we believe it’s the beginning of a whole new era in the relationship between The LEGO Group and their consumers.

Below is the official ReBrick statement from TLG:


We’d like to congratulate LEGO on their pioneering project, and we’d like to encourage you to join ReBrick and get posting (preferably articles from The Lego Car Blog!). You’ll also find us in the ‘Culture’ section of their ‘Brick Links’ page, which we’re rather pleased about!