Pretty Peugeot

Lego Peugeot Concept

Iconic French manufacturer Peugeot haven’t had much exposure here at TLCB. This is mostly because the Lego community haven’t been building many Peugeots, and that’s probably because most of the brand’s recent offerings have been… well, crap.

However, the future is looking brighter for Peugeot fans. There’s a 270bhp GTI on the way, the company’s recent run of new products has been fairly well received by the motoring press, and their styling direction is no longer modelled on a deep sea fish that’s washed up on the shore and been left in the sun for a few days. It’s could even be called even pretty.

There’s reason to be optimistic then, and it’s nice to see this reflected in an unusual Peugeot build from previous bloggee F@bz, whose ‘Lanius’ concept car uses some clever techniques to create its swoopy shape. There’s more to see at F@bz’ photstream on Flickr – click the above to make the jump.

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