Ferrari Enzo – Picture Special

Lego Ferrari EnzoSome cars are fiendishly difficult to build from Lego. Volkswagen’s Beetle, Porsche’s 911 and of course, Ferrari’s legendary Enzo. The variety of odd shapes in the Enzo’s carbon fibre bodywork make it a tricky thing to recreate from right-angled plastic, and – to our eyes – far from the prettiest Ferrari ever made. But it is a deeply impressive supercar, and one that deserves an impressive Lego model to match. Nathanael L thought so too, and so took over 18 months and four iterations to create his Ferrari Enzo model.

Lego Ferrari EnzoNathanael’s Model Team recreation replicates the Enzo’s bodywork almost perfectly, and he’s also allowed the bonnet, butterfly doors and clam-shell engine cover to open – something that makes our brains hurt just thinking about all the hinges and angles involved.

There’s an extensive gallery of images available at Nathanael’s Flickr photostream, plus an accompanying MOCpage – simply click the links to see more of the how this incredible Lego Enzo was made.

Lego Ferrari Enzo

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