Monster Miner

Lego Komatsu Wheel Loader

This enormous wheel loader was discovered by a member of our Elvish workforce on MOCpages. It’s been built by newcomer Dave MacLeod, and it’s his first creation to be uploaded to the site. This highly detailed model is – almost unbelievably – mini-figure scale, being based on the Komatsu WA1200, the largest loader in the world. It’s therefore a bit big for most Town layouts, being larger than even many of LEGO’s modular buildings, but what a way for a mini-figure to ride around Town! There’s more to see on MOCpages, click the link above if you’re digging it and welcome Dave to the community.

Lego Komatsu WA1200

2 thoughts on “Monster Miner

  1. Jose Martinez

    Wow. I work with Komatsu on the Autonomous Haul Systems and I have been looking for a Lego model of some of our vehicles. I would like to know if this or any other model is available for purchase? If so, please contact me at

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Jose

      Thanks for your message. We’ve published lots of Komatsu models here at TLCB. You can find these by clicking on the tag ‘Komatsu’ under the post or by typing it into the search box at the foot of each page.

      Each post will include a link that will take you directly to the builder’s page, where you can leave a comment or send a message with your enquiry.

      Good luck!
      TLCB Team


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