Lego Jaguar XK-SS

We adore classic cars here at TLCB, and this is one of our absolute favourites; Jaguar’s glorious 1957 XK-SS.

This beautiful Model Team replica of one of Jaguar’s finest creations comes from previous bloggee Tim Inman, who has uploaded it to the LUGnuts pool for The Lego Car Blog Summer Building Competition.

The top secret panel of competition judges (by which we mean, er… us) would put this very highly on our ‘like’ list, but if you’re looking at this and thinking ‘ I can’t build like that’ – don’t worry! Whilst TLCB Team love Tim’s creation it’s much too classy for the Elves, and it contains no racing stripes at all. It’s all to play for!

You can read what we’re looking for in competition entries by reading the competition announcement here, and you can see more of Tim’s stunning Jaguar XK-SS on Flickr – click here to make the jump.

Lego Model Team Jaguar XK-SS

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