Electrical Discharge

Lego Steampunk Mech

TLCB staff have no imagination whatsoever. Like, at all. This is why we blog nice, neat, real-world cars, and also why we have no clue about anything science fictiony. The inside of captainsmog‘s head then, is somewhere that would probably leave us quietly rocking in a corner. Thankfully the captain can navigate the strangeness of his own mind rather skilfully, and the resultant produce – such as the creation appearing here – can be utterly beautiful.

This whimsical contraption is a Mobile Mechanised Tesla Cannon (apparently), and it is – as you can see – completely wonderful in every way. The mini-figure at the controls looks like he’s having a riotously good time too. We don’t know what it’s for, or how it came to be, but we do know it’s worth a closer look. Join us inside the captain’s head at his Flickr photostream via the link above.

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