Clone Wars

Lego Sci-Fi Spaceship

Previous bloggee Crimso Giger has started something rather cool on Flickr, by challenging several of his sci-fi building compatriots to construct their own versions of his ‘RMX Starfigher’, each using their own style and to fulfil their own chosen purpose.

The resultant spacecraft all share Crimso’s primary-colour paint scheme and primary-school shape designation, but vary beautifully with the each builders’ own construction style.

The version pictured above comes from TLCB regular F@bz, who has chosen to build a sleek and smooth interpretation of Crimso’s original, whilst fellow challenger and TLCB debutant lokiloki29 has taken a compact and upright route with his RMX variant below.

Lego Starfighter RMX

You can see more of the two entries so far by clicking on the links in the text above, where you can also see Crimso Giger’s original spacecraft (pictured below) and find links to further interpretations of his design from some of Flickr’s other sci-fi builders.

Lego Spaceship

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One thought on “Clone Wars

  1. crimso says:

    Thank you so much for your interest in this little challenge which is all about fun 🙂
    For the record, it’s rather F@bz who launched the idea, than me.
    Thanks again for the article, always a great pleasure to see our MOCs here 🙂

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