853 Redux

Lego Technic 853 Set

Our review of LEGO Technic’s 853 / 956 Car Chassis set is the most viewed individual page on the whole of The Lego Car Blog. It might have been flawed, but 853 is the grandfather of LEGO’s Supercar range, without which we probably wouldn’t have had some of LEGO’s best ever sets.

Previous bloggee, Master MOCer and Lego Professional Nick Barrett thinks it’s the most important set LEGO have ever made, and he’s given it and brilliant re-boot for the modern age. Updated using the latest Technic parts Nick’s 853 redux costs about half as much as the original 1977 set, yet retains all of its charm.

There’s an inline four-cylinder motor up front, a two speed gearbox in the middle, rear-wheel-drive, working steering and adjustable seats, all as per the original set. We think it’s the perfect candidate for the LEGO Ideas platform, and if you think so too you can let Nick know; take a trip to either MOCpages or Flickr to see more.

3 thoughts on “853 Redux

  1. Bart 66

    Just made a comment a few days ago on 853 review that it would be nice to see a new style 853.
    I thought it would be nice to reintroduce the 853 next year for the 40th anniversary of LEGO technic, but in an updated version. New style engine, new transmission, differential. and also some extra’s like dashboard, rear view mirrors, and 4WD just to name a view things. But all in the same old colors

  2. Pitchoun401

    Hello Nick,

    I love this model too… so I made it but in 3D first and after in real. Thanks Nick for the photograph, it contains everything to make it by my own (the back seats were tricky !).

    For those who wants to make it, this the instructions :

    Available 1 month from the 2/07/2017.

    There’s two versions. The first one is closed from the photographs. The second one is more “studless” regarding to the bumper. The steering wheel and the gear shift are more accurate. I let you check

    Have a nice construction !
    Lego forever


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