A Long Time Ago…

BB CS Speeder

…in a galaxy far, far away, smiling spacemen were busily carrying out various tasks, exploring a planet with all sorts of new rovers and spaceships. It was 1978 and they were totally unaware that a year earlier the evil Darth Vader and his cohorts had exploded onto the big screen. Nearly 30 years later and TLCB regular Billyburg has fused the two genres together perfectly in his Classic Space Landspeeder. Click the link and zoom into the full sized photo on Flickr to admire the greebling and economic building style. We just hope that those innocent looking spacemen are prepared for their visit to Mos Eisley, as it doesn’t rate well on TripAdvisor.

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2 thoughts on “A Long Time Ago…

  1. billyburg says:

    Thanks for the blogging!

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