Copper Chopper

Lego Chopper Motorcycle

This gloriously impractical yet breathtakingly beautiful motorcycle is the work of Flickr’s redfern1950s. Copper probably isn’t the most suitable material for a bike, seeing as it gets very hot and it also goes green, but gosh is it pretty. It’s a shame its primary use is unseen in your central heating system really. Redfern’s put it to much better aesthetic use though, and you can see more of this stunning creation at his photostream via the link above.

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2 thoughts on “Copper Chopper

  1. […] a few short days after his last appearance here at TLCB, redfern1950s returns with another stunningly creative motorcycle. This one’s a […]


  2. […] continues his run of beautifully designed motorcycles with this absolutely gorgeous police-issue chopper. […]


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