42035 Mining Truck Review

Lego Technic 42035 Mining Truck Review

After prompting the wrath of pneumatics fans following his controversial Set Review last month (and meeting TLCB Elves, which can be just as perilous), Thirdwigg has returned to join us here at TLCB Towers to add another official LEGO set to the burgeoning Set Review Library. Over to Thirdwigg to explain…

Most of the sets I buy now happen after months of deliberation, intense community scrutinization, and reading every online review I can find. And usually during double VIP months at LEGO.com.

Not this one. I went to the local toy store in a moment of children-induced weakness, purchased this cute little dump truck, and went home and started building it right away.

The box of 42035 is smallish, but the weight of it conveys a $30 set more than the size does. Upon opening the box, you’ll find a couple of bags of parts, a small sticker sheet, and wrapped instructions for both the A and B model.

As I started sorting the contents I found some of the new or rare parts that attracted me to the set. First, the new panels are pretty fun. Basically, they are a 5×11 panel with a 9×2 triangle removed. They are robust, and have an empty center; both sides of the panel are flat and can be presented to the outside of a model. Second, are the newish tires. They were part of the reason I was interested in this set, as I wanted to try them out in some MOCs, as their size fills a nice hole in Technic wheels range. Third, there are a smattering of new unique and/or interesting parts, like a piston and cylinder and the 3L pin with 1L axle.

Lego Technic 42035 Review

The build starts with the chassis, and before you are 8 steps in, you ask yourself “why no differential?” I’ve stopped trying to answer questions that start with “why did LEGO not do_____?” Now I just change it myself when I am done. After the steering is placed, you start to build the engine. Since the drive axle is placed below the steering rack, LEGO decided to route the drive shaft up to the cylinder by using a chain linkage. While it is not very common, I value the design choice as it diversifies the parts, teaches another building technique, and adds some complexity to an otherwise simple model. Next the exhaust pipe and air intake are nice additions, and a little driver’s cabin is added. It is simple, but serves its aesthetic purpose well. It also helps to reduce the visual prominence of the center cylinder.

Lego Technic 42035 Mining Truck

Next you build the bed, which too is straightforward. But while the details and intentions at the front of the truck are clear, the bed is not. I understand it’s a difficult shape to convey, but some of the parts choices are strange, leading to funny gaps on the rock shield on the top, and on the sides of the bucket. Also, way too much Light Bluish Grey. Speaking of Light Bluish Grey, why the four bush parts to continue the lines on the side of the bucket? Was there no better option? The dumping feature of the truck works great though, with a light action and it functions perfectly. However, you will need to modify it if you want to add in the previously mentioned absent differential.

Before the afternoon was done though, I had disassembled the set, and organised all the parts in my collection. 42035 is a fun, albeit simple, build, but not one I need adorning my shelves; for me it’s a parts pack. That said the set does function well with a fair amount of play features, the controls are light, and the build is robost for good play.

If you are new to Technic, 42035 will teach you some basic mechanics and a few good building techniques. Pair this set with 42023 and you’ll also have yourself a great starter pack of parts to help you unlock many building and play opportunities. If you are more a experienced Technic builder you will appreciate the low cost and useful peices included in 42035, plus you’ll get the unrelenting desire to update some of mis-coloured pieces and to make improvements to some of the technical details. Start with that differential…

Thank you to Thirdwigg for joining us here to add another excellent Set Review to The Lego Car Blog’s Library. You can check out Thirdwigg’s other reviews, those of our resident experts, and those of other readers partaking in the Review My Set Competition by clicking here. If you’d like the chance for your own review to appear here at The Lego Car Blog (and be in with a chance of winning some cool loot) then get in touch with us in the usual ways!

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