Double Decker

Lego Volvo Olympian Bus

We don’t feature as many Town scale vehicles as we do large Technic creations here at The Lego Car Blog, as it often takes more to impress at a smaller scale.* This though, is how you do it! Built by Legokinsfolk of Brickshelf this is a Volvo Olympian bus in Hong Kong specification, and it’s wonderful.

Lego Hong Kong Bus

At 10 studs wide it’s pushing the limits for a Town creation, but it is mini-figure scale, and can seat 43 of them plus the driver across both decks. The doors and engine cover also open and the interior is quite brilliantly detailed. There’s lots more to see, including interior shots, on Brickshelf – click the link above to buy a ticket.

Lego Volvo Hong Kong Bus

*Ask your Mom.

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