Feuerwehrmann Sam?

Lego MAN Truck

This neat Town scale 4-axle MAN dropside truck was discovered on Flickr today. It’s the work of previous bloggee Peter Schmid and Michael Katzmann, and it contains some rather lovely detailing, but it does seem a little short on fire-fighting apparatus…

You can check out the build in further detail via the link above, and if you know what this truck is for let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Feuerwehrmann Sam?

  1. Pat

    Hi TLCB-Team,

    could you please add the co-designer. It’s the user Bricksy (real name Michael Katzmann) from our german forum http://www.doktor.brick.de. He is also the co-designer of the trucks you posted on august 31st.

    Would be great if you could add his name!

  2. nilsobrix

    Hi TLCB team,

    this is a MAN KAT1 8×8 truck, initially built for the Bundeswehr as an all-terrain transport truck. Some of the trucks have been sold by the Bundeswehr after their period of service. You can find the wikipedia entry for this truck here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAN_KAT1

    The trucks are quite popular in the truck trial scene and as a base for expedition mobiles. There also seem to be a few of them which have been modified to be used by fire fighters. If I were a fire fighter and had to transport equipment to a remote area, this would be the vehicle I’d like to have for that purpose.


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