Honey… I Shrunk the GT3

Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Porsche-building extraordinaire Malte Dorowski has appeared here numerous times over the years with a huge variety of Stuttgart machinery and he’s currently hoping to turn one of his stunning Porsche replicas into an official LEGO set.

His latest upload evolves his previously featured 911 GT3 into a small scale version of LEGO’s Porsche 911 GT3 RS Technic set. We are not fans of the overpriced Technic flagship, but we do very much like Malte’s Model Team masterpiece. With the license already in place between LEGO and Porsche turning Malte’s design into an official LEGO set seems like a no-brainer to us!

Click here to see more of the model and to add your vote via LEGO Ideas.

Lego Porsche 911 GT3

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7 thoughts on “Honey… I Shrunk the GT3

        1. thelegocarblogger

          Hello awmfb

          Yes, many mini-figure scale cars have featured here over the years. if you use the Category Search at the foot of each page, and filter by ‘Town’, you’ll see all of the creations that are LEGO-people sized.

          TLCB Team

          1. thelegocarblogger

            Hello awmfb

            The models we publish are not official LEGO sets and thus are not available to buy in stores, sorry.

            However mini-figure scale vehicles tend to be fairly easy to design and build yourself. Take a look through our archives to get some inspiration and give it a go!

            All the best

            TLCB Team

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