Lego UFO S.H.A.D.O

It’s the 1970s, Britain is mostly on strike and painted brown, and the space race is raging. Cue some televisual escapaism in the form of UFO, a Gerry Anderson production (he of Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet fame) set in the futuristic year 1980, but using real actors rather than puppets, and – at least if our Google research is accurate – featuring a variety of tight-fitting tops.

This was their vehicle of choice, the S.H.A.D.O tracked command centre, and it’s been recreated in mini-figure form by TLCB favourite Andrea Lattanzio aka Norton74, complete with a fully detailed interior. You can check it out at Andrea’s photostream, plus you can read our interview with the builder as part of the Master MOCers series by clicking here.

Lego UFO S.H.A.D.O

2 thoughts on “S.H.A.D.O

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  2. John Prewer

    I have several UFO models built in Lego: two Mobiles, SHADO Moonbase, and the Moonbase Defence missile tank.
    Work in progress is the Markers Universal Mobile Transporter (Tractor Unit done, Trailer 90% done), also the SID satellite, and a couple of Interceptors which are at the “collect the bricks” stage.


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